My time at Welbeck

some of my work-mates in Bavaria had told me about an English organ-building firm. At the time to me completely unknown. I think, he had known about it via Tudor Roberts and I really got very ambitious to go there. I did like their instruments and I had a strong desire to go abroad, but I certainly was not brave enough to chose a country, where I would have to use any other language than English, at the time the only foreign language I knew. So I decided to go there for holidays together with Annett Jehmlich, my girl-friend at the time. I felt very comfortable by meeting those people and Welbeck and certainly decided to go there, without really considering Annetts opinion on the subject, which was kind of the beginning of our end.

The work at Welbeck and the relaxed but very professional approach really made a big impression on me. I sort of could not believe, how good results in work could be possible without people shouting at each other, without any particular discussion

Some photos of my time in England survive and I wish to publish them in this Backstage area. Whoever is admitted to this blog and may wish to provide fitting texts or photos is very welcome.


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