In order to understand historical instruments, they need to get measured and documented thorougly.

Although photography and measuring techniques are continuously becoming better and more precise, it is in addition crucial for the organ-builder, to permeate and understand the old work as much as possible. Workflow, methods, correlations and the style of the Old should be precisely extracted from their instruments. Thereby helps the making of commented and dimensioned sketches.

If you are drawing inside or next to an organ, you are bound to observe concentrated and for a long time. Thus arises through this work not only an explaining sketch, but a better access to the object and to the drawing itself.

Colleagues commissioned drawings of important monumental projects in Spain, Westphalia and Poland. Those were used in publications and served as basis for the corresponding restorations.

With some excerpts of my drawings I wish to illustrate my ductus. I dedicate this part of my website to Martin Goetze, unfortunately already deceased colleague and teacher. He is to me the best draftsman I met.