A church-musician in his rather small music-room is surrounded by fine clavichords and longs to have for his wife and himself a house-organ with two manuals and pedal. An organ-builder to whom he has entrusted the project retires and withdraws from the order. The musician via internet comes across me and my work and asks, wether I could imagine to make an instrument for him.

As a result an organ is made. Principal 8foot on the first manual (metal, bottom octave oak, all open), a Gedackt 8foot for the second manual and a Gedackt 4foot on a Wechselschleife.

We cannot agree on the direction of the manual couplers, so I have it working both ways. The pedal has no stops and couplers for both manuals.

The great challenge of this project was to built a Principal that sounds and resonates very open, generous and shiny without it being louder as the Gedackt, which is not powerful anyway.

The organ has a tremblant and a feeder for possible use without blower.

[House organs]